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While Windows Phone 7 is picking up steam, there are still millions of Windows Mobile 5 and 6 still around and available.

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Is there Windows Mobile 6.5 Update ?

How would you like the money. How to track a us cellular cell phone. Nc normally closed, com is connected to this when the relay coil is off. On top of that, there's no way to tell how many apps you have, to delete them, or to tell which "Page" of the start menu you're on. The offset icon spacing is awkward and occasionally ugly, and hey!

That Windows button? It doesn't behave like you'd expect it to, opening the Start Menu but not closing it. This whole piece feels half-assed, to put it kindly. Another well meaning, if not quite adequate change is to the contextual menus. Though they're ordered exactly as they were before, they're now huge and thumb-scrollable. Things get worse when you move past the surface, revealing an OS that hasn't been fundamentally changed in years, and which bears a strong resemblance to Windows Mobile 6.

The new homescreen Start Menu, lock screen and contextual menus are just veneers, and they're not very thick. The remaining interface changes are subtle, and intended almost solely to make Windows Mobile 6. Though don't get me wrong—most WinMo 6. It doesn't really feel like a redesign—it feels like someone went through 6.

Add a few pixels of menu spacing here, some plasticky highlight graphics there, and BOOM. Let's go to lunch.

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The terrible Windows Media Player app looks the same, the photo albums are helped only by smoother scrolling and support of basic swipe gestures, and the text, email, notes and settings pages are jarringly old-looking, and seriously hostile to pointing devices any larger than a pen. Especially fleshy ones. Come to think of it, after using 6. Windows Mobile finally, finally has an app store —quick, look around, is there anyone left who doesn't? You can find apps though a sensible system of categories, or by searching, and downloading and installing is as easy as pressing a button, though you'll occasionally be met with prompts from the app installer.

Don't get me wrong, the Marketplace is a good thing, in that it'll drive prices down and make finding apps much easier, but it remains to be seen if developers will take to it like they did on the iPhone App Store, or just kinda ignore it like they did with the BlackBerry App World.

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Touted as an espionage tool but more closely resembling spyware is a new Once installed on a Windows Mobile 5, or handset with. NetQin Mobile Anti-virus is a freeware intended to ensure Windows Mobile against infection Support: Windows Mobile ///

In any case, this isn't even a 6. A victory for Windows Mobile, sure, but not one that 6. A few more notes on the Marketplace:.

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Seems a little lenient, but hey, thanks! Another touted feature of 6. We've seen most of it before, but today there are a few new features in top of the super-simple backup service that Jason went so far as to call " fancy :". The free user experience will be a lot like the beta, which is to say basic, but useful for backing up contacts, photos, and other basics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The web interface is nice, too—more on that here.

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Get that? This is to say it's a massive upgrade, but like IE7, which added tabs and popup blocking about two years after everyone else had it, Mobile IE6 is at least a generation behind its competitors. For what it's worth, it adds smooth panning and scrolling, intelligent zooming and full er support for CSS and Javascript pages that MIE5 used to choke on spectacularly.

Rendering is good, but not WebKit good, and the browser has a tendency to reflow text in an odd way, formatting columns of text more narrowly than it should. And even though rendering is vastly improved—though inexplicably, not to the point of the Zune HD's browser —the experience is still glitchy. Page loading is slow even on a fast Wi-Fi connection, and there's often a pretty wide gap between when a page looks like it's done and when the browser actually becomes responsive enough to interact with.

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